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Catnappers Furniture is known for it’s sofas, lift chairs and recliners as opposed to a brand like Berkline which is known for it’s home theater seating and sofas.  The Catnapper brand is the motion furniture group of Jackson Furniture Company. There are three recliners from this famous brand that consistently outsell all others in their line and the lines of their competitors.  They are:

- Teddy Bear

- Magnum

- Goliath

These three recliners have built a reputation for themselves in the recliner space that is hard to beat.  So what makes them so successful?  Well, the single most distinct characteristic that exists between them all is their size.  These recliners are enormous.  They all have the massive seat back that is tall but equally wide.  The arm rests on all models are heavily padded.  There are some obvious differences in the style too but they all have chaise style foot rests and wide seat backs.

The differences between the models are that the Goliath is a swivel glider recliner, the Magnum includes heat and massage and the Teddy Bear is a swivel recliner and also available with a wall-away recline.  The wall-away means the seat can recline when placed within a few inches of the wall because the recline occurs by having the seat cushion move forward instead of just have the seat back recline.

All are exceptionally comfortable recliners and offer the peace of mind warranty that you would expect from the recliner leader.

Softie vs Sonoma from Catnapper

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Catnapper Furniture is a name synonymous with quality and affordability. Catnapper distinguish themselves in the furniture arena by also making the options available on their furniture limited to just a

Catnapper Softie Furniture

Catnapper Softie

select few, rather than the ability to customize seating entirely. So, if you are in the market for a Catnapper sofa, here are two excellent choices that offer comfort as the top feature.

The Catnapper Softie is the top seller in their motion sectional sofa group. This seat is incredibly comfortable with the biscuit-back design that creates pockets of padding throughout. The end result is that each of these pockets will cradle your body and support it evenly across all collective pocketing. This specific design is now found in most major brands and has been a huge hit with customers. The Softie also includes the chaise style foot rest which is another important comfort feature that gets my vote. This differs from the more traditional foot rest where there is a gap between the seat and the actual foot rest.

The Sonoma sofa delivers comfort in a completely different way. The overall look of the sofa is not so unique as with the Softie’s biscuit-back pockets, but the comfort is unmistakable. The Catnapper Sonoma uses the pillow-top seating concept borrowed from the mattress industry. A two inch thick piece of memory foam is created on top of the actual seat cushion and results in ultimate comfort when seated for long periods. This memory foam gives one the deep seated sensation of down without all the maintenance and adverse impacts. On the Sonoma it is not too deep that one feels like you are being sucked into the seat with little chance of getting out. The Sonoma group also differs in the style foot rest. This model has the traditional style as opposed to the chaise style.

Sonoma Sofa

Pillow-top Comfort

So if you are in the market for Catnapper sofas and comfort is the number one prioirty, here are two important options worth considering.

Catnapper Contour Sofa

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The Contour from Catnapper Furniture is a sofa collection that includes sofa, love seat and single rocker recliner. The seats take on a bucket style seating concept which envelopes anyone who happens to sit in them in comfort and luxury. This collection is available in a medium and dark brown color.

The Contour sofa has a chaise style foot rest – no gap between the foot rest and seat – and also has generously padded arm rests so that one can relax for hours at a time. The seats recline via a manual recline mechanism. Power recline is not available on this model. The mechanism is operated from a small pull lever embedded on the exterior outside sides of the seating. The sofa has a 39 inch seat back height.

The rocker recliner has a much higher seat back at 43 inches, making it a perfect choice for someone who is very tall. The collection comes with the famous Catnapper warranty which is lifetime on the frame, springs and mechanism. Cushions are warranted for 3 years and all other parts are warranted for 1 year.

The Contour Sofa Collection and all its pieces ship and deliver within 2-3 weeks from order date for most retailers.

Catnapper Contour Sofa in Faux Leather @ Yahoo! Video

Catnapper Avenger Sectional Sofa

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The Avenger from Catnapper Furniture is one of their best sellers in the motion sectional sofa group of products.  This sofa set is very distinct with a two tone color – medium brown microfiber and dark brown bonded leather finish.  This model also includes plush arm padding and pronounced head rest padding for upper shoulder and neck support.  This group includes a sofa, loveseat with storage console, single recliner and corner wedge for making a sectional arrangement.  The seats recline manually and this model is not offered with power recline.

Like most Catnapper sofa collections, the Avenger ships under a quick ship program to one’s home within 2-3 weeks as opposed to most custom furniture which delivers in 4-6 weeks.  This model also includes the Omega reclining mechanism, known for its silent smooth movement, and the unitized steel base that ensures strength of performance for years of use.

This video identifies some of the other benefits.

Catnapper Ovation Sofa

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Catnapper Furniture is one of the most recognizable names in the US when it comes to furniture and value.  The Ovation sofa is no exception to that rule.  Heavily padded arm rests provide for hours of comfort.  The seat cushion follows the pillow top style used on mattresses and further extends the comfort from the Ovation series.  This collection is available in an easy to clean ‘driftwood’ color microfiber.

The Omega reclining mechanism is one of the best in the industry and the springs and mechanism are covered under a limited lifetime warranty.  A unitized steel base provides incredible support for the mechanism and enhances the quality of the seat structure.

This collection is includes a reclining sofa, reclining loveseat and rocker recliner.  The seat back is a generous height for excellent upper back and neck support.

Catnapper is owned by Jackson Furniture

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Catnapper is owned by Jackson Furniture Company, one of the oldest and largest family owned furniture retailers in the US. Catnapper focusses on motion furniture products like reclining sofas and sectionals as well as regular recliners and lift chairs. The Catnapper name is synonymous with quality and all products include a very extensive manufacturer’s warranty.

Catnapper Microfiber Sofa

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