Catnapper Summit Offers Power Recline

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Power recline in sofas has become more and more popular today as the quality of the technology has improved to the point where any concerns that existed previously over power recline mechanisms breaking is not almost completely gone.

Summit sofa

Catnapper Power Sofa - Summit

The motor used in most reclining furniture today is the same used in most top brand cars.  The quality of the motors is superb and in the unlikely event that one should in fact break down, the process of replacing it is as simple as pulling a detachable car stereo system from the dashboard and replacing it with another one.  The replacement cost of most motors is under $100 with shipping to your front door.

With the huge popularity of power recline, Catnapper – the leader in reclining furniture here in the US – is now offering it’s Summit model with power.  A smooth glide recline mechanism will ease the seat back down and simultaneously raise the foot rest.  This model also offers padded arm rests, bucket style seating and a drop down table on the sofa.  The loveseat comes as a duet console with storage and two cup holders.  Of course, this includes the chaise style foot rest – the most comfortable option for continuous leg support. A manual recline version of this model is also available.


4 Responses to “Catnapper Summit Offers Power Recline”
  1. Debra Wolcott says:

    I like your chaise lounge, but would prefer light blue. Would pay extra for fabric choice. Is there a place where I can try out your furniture? I live in Oxnard California.

  2. Lenzy Meickles says:

    We purchased a Catnapper leather double recliner sofa suppost to have been the top of the line from Big Sandy Furniture of Charleston WV . We started having problems with it about six months after purchasing it. We called and they sent a repairman to look at it, he ordered parts(the recliner mechanism on the right side) because it wouldn’t close properly (you almost had to waller out or off of it and shut it. Well he replaced the mechanism ,it still was hard to shut so he said give it time it will loosen up.( It didn’t) so we contacted them again, and again, and again, so we went to the store and of coarse was lied to there ,so I called and asked to talk to the head of all the head managers and she said she would send Chris (We got to know him real well) to look at it again ;but she said she wouldn’t replacing it , But I think if it can’t be repaired it should be replaced. Still We haven;t heard or been contacted by Big Sandy Super Store. This is the last purchase I will make there and as far as your products it is the last .The reason we bought catnapper was because its brand name has been around for years THANKS HAVE A GOOD DAY Lenzy W. Meickles

  3. Traci says:

    I was hoping you could let me know if you will be coming out with a new type of material for your furniture? I was in a store yesterday and I saw a peice of it on sofa. I fell in love, I already just love Catnapper so much. Should I wait until you release your new style or whatever you might call it. Or am I dreaming and I should just buy something now. But I sure did love this new material and the manager said it was Catnapper new style but they have not released it all yet. Can you give me an idea of when you might be having the release in a reclining sofa and a reclining console loveseat either that rocks or doesn’t.
    Thankk you,
    Traci R

  4. Lisa Meitzler says:

    I need a power supply

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